Welcome to our developer resources. Check back for Release notes and other useful dev tools. The latest platform build is Version 9.

Version 9 (Release Notes)

platform version 9.0

(May 5th, 2016) Versioning software is mostly arbitrary and often stupid. Everyone uses their own rules. Ours are simple: when we feel like a lot of stuff has changed we bump the version number up and usually have tacos or a nice snack to celebrate. The v9 version bump comes with a whole lot of new stuff, encompassing months of work. Namely:

Tutorial: Creating a store

  • Store element: The store element is finally here for anyone to use. Set up a shop with a full cart, digital and physical goods in one checkout, and no fees taken (other than your Stripe/Paypal account ones). It’s easy, you can customize your store and embed it on any page or use a CASH page for simple SSL security.
  • Stripe support: Stripe is a service that allows you to accept credit cards. You’ll need SSL security (https) to take advantage of Stripe, but it’s a quick signup to get an account and start accepting cards in your store.
  • Checkout flow: Making it as easy as possible for people to go from a full cart to a completed order matters, so we spent a lot of time on the checkout flow a customer sees. Everything happens in an overlay. It works for Paypal, Stripe, or both. And best of all it stays out of the way of the rest of your site.
  • SSL everywhere: Security! SSL matters — it means no one is getting between you and the site you’re visiting, so your private information stays private. We’re now enforcing SSL (https) across all user pages.
  • Item options and images: Now you can upload images for any item in our system, add options like size or color, and track inventory across all variations.
  • Fulfillment view: We’ve optimized the commerce section of our admin to make it easier to pick and pull orders for fulfillment from a quick list. Marking them fulfilled is as easy as pushing a button.
  • Order export: Export all orders with full financial data, details, etc. The idea here is to make it straightforward and easy so year-end accounting is less of a headache.
  • New UX / activity feed: We threw a pizza party and asked a dozen musicians to pull apart the platform admin interface. No feelings were spared and we wound up with a much clearer way to interact with the platform. You can create a simple embed quicker than ever, with more help touchstones along the way, and there’s a brand new activity feed every time you log in.
  • Ready for translation: The entire platform is now ready for translation, so if you’ve been looking for a way to contribute and happen to speak another language: please hit us up!
  • Geodata: Whenever someone signs up for your email list or makes a purchase on the platform we’re collecting geodata to the city level — meaning you can know what working and where it’s working. Let’s get more data in the hands of artists!
  • Agree checkbox for email collection: Need someone to agree to terms or pinky swear they’re old enough for your mailing list? Just add a checkbox with a statement to your email collection element.

Additional Documentation

Check out our developer documentation for our platform here, our cash.js documentation here & find us on Github here


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